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Excel Spreadsheet & Table App
Introducing Excelled, the ultimate Android app for an easy and seamless experience on the go. Excelled is not just an Excel editor; it’s your go-to spreadsheet editor and a powerful yet easy spreadsheet maker. Transform your mobile device into a versatile excel sheet maker with a range of features tailored for effortless spreadsheet management.



Google sheets made easy

Upsheet: the best solution for managing Google Sheets on your Android device. Effortlessly create and customize spreadsheets, simplify data entry with intuitive forms, and organize information with multiple sub-sheets. Easily switch between multiple accounts and access sheet templates tailored for barcode scanning, attendance tracking, budgeting, and timesheets. Experience streamlined mobile spreadsheet management with Upsheet – revolutionize your workflow today!

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Timetable & Schedule Maker

EasyTable: the ultimate timetable app for students, teachers, and professionals. Create and share multiple weekly schedules effortlessly, customize tables, add notes, and resize with ease. Easily search, export to Excel or PDF, and switch between vertical and horizontal views. From study routines to work schedules, EasyTable simplifies your weekly planning on the go!
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A productivity focused mobile apps development team

Welcome to FutureCraft Apps, where we’re pioneering a global transformation in the mobile app landscape. Our core values are the cornerstone of our identity: we prioritize Innovation, ensure uncompromising Quality, and put our customers at the center of everything we do. With a commitment to being Responsive and continuously Learning, we thrive on Collaboration and Adaptability. At FutureCraft Apps, our brand philosophy is centered around leveraging technology to simplify tasks, save time, and elevate user experiences. We cater primarily to Small Businesses seeking streamlined solutions, while also empowering individuals striving for greater productivity. Join us on our journey as we craft the future of mobile apps, making innovation accessible and impactful for all.
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I must say it's an awesome solution, it has surely made things easier for me, was looking for some script to scan barcodes to google sheets, but upsheet has taken care of all those processes. thank you!
Karthik D
I just started using this app. I needed a spreadsheet app that was not complicated. It was flawless and really easy to use. I'd recommend it to others.
Angelus Watson
Timetable & Schedule Maker app is a must-have for students and professionals alike. The ability to create and share timetables with ease is fantastic. I appreciate the simplicity of the interface and the variety of customization options available. Kudos to the developers for such a useful tool!
Nath Suman

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